Let Us Begin

The letter “E” stands for Executive Officers.  Congratulations!  Now that your Block Club has been officially organized by an official Block Club Organizer and installed, you are ready to work.  You (the club) are ready for your first “E” meeting.  And remember… always the “E” – Executive Board Meeting before the Block Club’s GG (General) Meeting.

 The Block Club “G” General or Regular Meeting

  •  At this meeting, officers may want to start to think about those issues pertaining to your block and street. 
  • Plan a General Meeting.  The group may want to hold one more “E” meeting before your general meetings.
  •  Decide where the General Meetings will be held – date and time
  •  Keep the meeting place as close to the block and street as possible.  A neighbor’s yard or a church is good places for a block club meeting,
  •  Since this is a structured Block Club, you will decide on who can become a member and how much dues each will pay, whether it will be paid per family or per person and will your club ask for additional donations from businesses and churches for benevolence.
  •  Dues may be from $5.00 to $20.00 a year.  It all depends on what the block club intends to do and how often.  Suggestion from the MBCC, if a block club begins to charge $20.00 or more, the block club should be rendering a service to the resident in the service area.  For example, cutting grass or snow removal for those in need especially senior citizens, sick or disabled individuals.  This should be done free if possible.


Now that you have organized and you will have dues coming in, you will need to deposit the club’s money in a bank or a credit union of the Club’s choice.  The Treasurer shall check into area banks and bring the information back to the Executive Board.  Before the club can open the account at the bank or credit union, the club must have it’s own tax identification number.  The Treasurer should go to the Internal Revenue Service on Delaware Avenue and apply for the tax identification number under the Club’s name, you will ask for form SS4 or you could call the IRS and ask them to send you a form.  The Treasurer will fill in the application and write your Club’s tax identification number at the top of the sheet.  This is done as you may receive your number in writing.  If you choose to do this by phone, your Club’s number will be mailed to you in about 6 weeks.  Be sure to have the correct mailing address.