Membership Appeal

The ____________________________ Block Club makes an appeal to all residents, families, homeowners, tenants, businesses on ________________ to become a member of the _____________________ Block Club.

Let’s join together to keep our streets clean,

Beautiful, safe, and stable

Together as block clubs we can make a difference

Dues, Donations, Sunshine, Block Party / National Night Out Event, other

$_____ Dues per year, per family / member

Only ___per month

Your Dues shall be used for

  • Block Club up-keep, letter writing, complaints, mailings, stamps, attending meetings/workshops, MBCC dues
  • Sunshine, hospitality – giving sick and sympathy cards, flowers to residents on our street(s)
  • Other  – i.e. block club sign, grass seeds, flowers for beautification, youth activity

You Shall Receive

  • A receipt for your dues/donation
  • A block club Financial Report
  • Membership card
  • Meeting notices, other notices
  • Copy of by-laws

You have the right

  • To attend and take part in meetings, be an officer
  • To speak on issues, take action, solve problems, and create solutions
  • To vote and support the organization financially
  • To exercise all rights and privileges given by the by-laws and constitution of the _________________block club

Please Note – Place your Membership Dues in the envelope provided for you.  Working families are welcome to join.  Dues may be paid yearly or monthly.  Those who will be paying monthly are asked to bring their dues when you come to the monthly meeting.

A member of the block club shall collect your dues on ______________ and ______________ 2004.

Again I take this opportunity to welcome you and to thank you for your membership donations.