How to Run a Successful First Block Club Meeting

  1. Start on Time:  Socialize ten minutes and then turn the subject to crime in block residents’ block, even if it’s only a few people and casual conversation.  Ask them about their recent crime experiences.
  2.  Make sure everyone introduces himself and gives his address.
  3.  Let group tell you what their crime problems are.  If their greatest problem is not crime, but something else they all feel deeply, try to have them offer some solutions.  Suggest service agencies to help them and try to see if two people on the block will follow up as a committee on action to report at the next meeting.
  4.  Don’t let anyone dominate the meeting, especially yourself.
  5.  Explain a little history of your organization and share some safety hints and experiences other blocks have had in over-coming problems.
  6.  Distribute three pieces of literature, usually not more, at a meeting.  Describe other information and promise to bring more literature at the next meeting particularly information the block seems primarily interested in.
  7.  Keep business meeting short.  First block meetings generally run longer than subsequent meetings; the groups’ enthusiasm is the barometer.
  8.  Have block elect block leaders or wait no longer than second meeting.  At least make sure temporary leader is in charge thru the next meeting.
  9.  Set up date, time and place of next meeting.
  10.  Circulate with members during informal social afterward.
  11.  Find at least one small problem or positive action that the block wants to work on and solve before the next monthly meeting.  It’s important for the block to have a success to keep up the enthusiasm and the feeling that they can accomplish something.

                                                                                     Copyright – Ellie Wegener