Manners at Meeting

Wait until the speaker has completed what he has planned to say before raising your hand to request recognition by the chair

 Talk about the merits of or weaknesses in the motion on the floor and not about the members who are for or against the motion.

 Remember that the purpose of the group is not to give you an opportunity to win a debate and cover yourself with verbal glory.

 Give your individual attention to the speaker.  Do not spend your listening time in chatting with your neighbor.

 Wait until a motion has been proposed and seconded before beginning to discuss it.

 Always address the presiding officer as “Mr. Chairman” rather than by his first or last name.

 Give the chairman every opportunity to run the meeting in an orderly fashion.  The “called-out” wisecrack too often is uncalled for and causes too great a disruption.  Save your jokes for the entertainment program.

 Unless you have proof positive to prove error on their part, accept the rulings of your elected officers with good grace.