Rights of Members

It is important that each member understand their individual and joint rights so that they may protect them.  Certain rights are fundamental and inherent in the Rights of Members, but an organization may, in its rules, give whatever additional rights it chooses to its members.  Each member of an organization has the following fundamental rights, subject to specific limitations or restrictions contained in the Constitution, Bylaws, or standing rules.

  1. To receive notices                                               
  2.  To attend meetings                                                  
  3. To speak                                                  
  4. To vote / pay dues                                           
  5. To present motions, resolutions, or other business                                                  
  6.  To nominate                                           
  7.  To be a candidate for office              
  8. To resign, if all obligations to the organization has been fulfilled
  9.    To have a hearing before expulsion or other penalties are applied
  10.  To inspect official records of the organization
  11. To insist on the enforcement of the rules of the organization and the rules of parliamentary law
  12. To exercise any other rights given by the constitution or rules of the organization