Getting Your Newsletter Out

Before you reproduce your newsletter, make a list of all the people who need to get it.  This could include all members of your group, other members of the community, elected officials, and local institutions, such as city agencies, schools, community board members, local development organizations, and local press.  This will tell you how many copies to print.

Once printed, newsletters can be distributed door-to-door or mailed.

  • Be consistent – if your newsletter comes at the same time each month, people will begin to expect and anticipate it.  Some groups issue newsletters monthly or quarterly.
  • Call a meeting of building and/or block captains.  Ask them to distribute the newsletters and to make sure everyone gets a copy.
  • Rather than leave them in lobbies of large apartment building, try to get residents to slip them under each door.
  • Some community groups hire neighborhood youth to distribute the papers on the block.
  • Ask local merchants if you can leave newsletters on the counter for people to pick up.  This is a good way of reaching out to potential new members.
  • If you mail your newsletter, be sure to figure postage expenses into your budget.  If your mailing list is large and speedy delivery is not a concern, you may want to save money by sorting your labels into strict zip code order and mailing bulk rate, call the Post Office for full details.