Getting Your Newsletter Printed

Explore having your newsletter printed free or at a reduced fee. The Community Action Organization located at 1423 Fillmore Avenue will do your copies for free each month (up to 200 copies for registered Block Clubs). If you need more than 200 copies a month, they offer an elite registration for $25.00 per year which entitles your block club to up to 500 copies per month.  Other possible sources of free copying are churches, school, community boards and workplaces of members of your group.  A local printer might donate the job or offer a special rate in exchange for a credit line in the newsletter that urges members to use his or her company.  Another possibility is the local merchants associations; try offering free ad space and many thanks.

 If you must pay, be sure to call copy shops and compare prices – they will vary.  If you need over 200 copies, check out an offset printer’s price, which can be more economical.  Again cost comparisons are vital.