Layout of Newsletter

Most newsletters do not need a complicated, fancy design.  Unless you have an expert designer to lay out your newsletter, keep it simple.  You don’t want elaborate design ideas interfering with your message.

 If you have access to a computer, any word processing program will allow you to easily put together an attractive newsletter.  If you want to experiment with more elaborate design and graphics, check out some of the desktop publishing software that is available, such as PageMaker, Quark Xpress, Publish It or Harvard Graphics, to mention a few.  These program are expensive to purchase, but are available at computer centers such as Kinko’s or Userfriendly, where you pay an hourly rate to use their equipment (check your yellow pages for a nearby location).

But remember, a computer is not essential, but it sure helps.  All you need to create an attractive community newsletter is a typewriter and some paper.  Type your text neatly in one or two columns.  Use one side of the paper only, otherwise the other side will show through when the newsletter is copied or printed.

 Photos, drawings and other illustrations are nice if you want to break up the test.  Do you have an artist in your group who can contribute drawings?  If not, check art supply stores and large bookstores for “clip art” books.  They contain readymade graphics, easy to cut out and paste on your originals.  If you want to use photographs, you can improve the quality of reproduction by having a velox made to the size you need from your photo, a service available for under $10.00 from stat houses and some copy shops.  For all your graphics, use a ruler to place the picture neatly on the page.

 For the masthead, or title of your newsletter, you can use your neighborhood group’s logo or a new design.  You may want to invest a little more in this since it’s something you will be using over a period of time and which identifies your group.  See if a member of your group can draw or do fancy lettering, or knows someone else who might donate his or her time.  If you have done a survey, you may already have uncovered such resources.