What Goes In the Newsletter

The content of your newsletter will vary depending upon the needs of your group.  Some newsletters contain a lot of personal information about neighborhood residents.  Others are straight reports on the group’s business meetings.  Still others emphasize information and strategies on such issues as health, housing, and crime and drug prevention.  With careful planning it’s possible to cover many or all of these concerns even in a short newsletter.

 How long will your newsletter be?  This depends on your budget and on what your group considers essential to say.  A good newsletter can be as short as one page.  After settling on a length, structure your newsletter by organizing it into regular features or columns.  These might include:

Committee reports                         Coming event

Personal announcements             Editorials

Letters to the editor                        Resources

Neighborhood news                        Updates on local issues

Job listings                                          Children’s column

Merchant and/or volunteer of the month

Be sure to include information on how to become a member of the organization such as a contact name and phone number or a tear-off sheet that readers can mail in.

 In writing your newsletter, aim for a simple, clear style; avoid long words, sentences and paragraphs.  Remember your main goal is communication and there is probable a lot to include – so be concise.