Flyers and Leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are probably the most common outreach tool used by volunteer grassroots organizations.  To get the most out of your efforts, keep in mind the following tips when designing and distributing your flyers:

  1. Easy to read – A flyer should be legible and clear so it is easily understood.
  2.  Eye-catching – A flyer should grab the reader’s attention.  Using brightly colored paper, a creative logo or graphics can do this.
  3.  Understandable – Do not use jargon or terms that are unfamiliar to your audience.  If necessary, make flyers multilingual.
  4.  Contains date, time and place of meetings or events.
  5.  Contains name of sponsoring organization and phone numbers of persons to contact for information.
  6.  Short and Sweet – People have a tendency to toss flyers into the trash and will not read a lot of excess words.
  7. Location – Be sure to post flyers in accessible areas where they are likely to be seen by the audience you are trying to reach.
  8.  Use local resources for printing and copying – Copy shops may print your flyers at no charge in exchange for free advertising space in your newsletter.  Ask members if they have access to a copy machine at work.
  9.  Remember – If the flyer is an announcement for a meeting; include the agenda on you flyer.  Be specific.  This will let people know what to expect and spark interest.