To Become 501-C3 Tax Exempt for Proposals and Grant Purposes

1.      After receiving filing receipt, your Block Club should immediately apply for 501-C3 tax EXEMPTIONS. Once incorporated, a new tax identification number should be received.

2.      Submit these items:

a. File form 1023 Application

b. Copy of filing receipt for Corporation Certificate

c.  Copy of Articles of Incorporation

d.  Copy of Bylaws

e.  Copy of the E.I.N. letter (tax identification number letter)

f.  Check or money order for the amount of exemption that your organization is applying for ($125.00 may be sufficient).

g. Mail to:

New York State Department of Taxation

Exempt Organizations Unit

Buiding#8 Harriman Campus

Albany, New York 12227

Phone (518) 457-2782