Vote On A Motion

1.         By Voice

The chairperson asks those in favor to say “aye” and those opposed to say “no.”  (For majority votes only.)  Member may move for exact count.

2.         By Show of Hands

Members raise their hand as sight verification of or alternative to a voice vote.  It does not require a count.  Member may move for exact count.

3.         By Roll Call

Each member answers “yes” or “no” as his or her name is called.when a record of each person’s vote is needed.

4.       By Ballot

Members write their vote on a slip of paper.  Done when secrecy is desired.

5.         By General Consent

When a motion isn’t likely to be opposed, the chairperson says, “If there is no objection…” Members show agreement by their silence.  If someone says, “I object,” the matter must be put to a vote.