How Do I Present My Motion?

1. Obtain the Floor

  • Wait until the last speaker is finished.
  • Rise and address the chair.  Say, “Mr. or Madam Chairperson” or Mr. or Madam President.”
  • Give your name.  The Chair will recognize you by repeating it.

2.         Make Your Motion

  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • State your motion affirmatively.  Say, “I move that we…” instead of “I move that we do not…”
  • Avoid personalities and stay on the subject.

3.         Wait For a Second

  • Another member will say, “I second the motion.”
  • Or the chair will call for a second.
  • If there is no second, you motion is lost.

4.         Chair States Your Motion

  • The chairperson must say.  “It is moved and seconded that we…”
  • After this happens, debate or voting can occur.
  • Your motion is not “assembly property” and you can’t change it without consent of the members.

5.            Expand on Your Motion

  • Mover is allowed to speak first.
  • Direct all comments to the chairman.
  • Keep to the time limit for speaking (stated in bylaws).
  • You may speak again after all other speakers are finished
  • You may speak a third time by a motion to suspend the rules with a 2/30 vote

6.         Putting the Question

  • The chairperson asks, “Are you ready for the question?”
  • If there is no more discussion, a vote is taken.
  • Or motion for previous question may be adopted.