How Do Members Get Their Say ?

They Make Motions!

A motion is a proposal that the assembly TAKES A STAND or TAKES ACTION on some issue.

Members can:    *PRESENT motion – Make a proposal

*SECOND motion – Express support for discussion of
another member’s motion)

*DEBATE motion – Give opinions on the motion

*VOTE on motions – Make a decision

There Are 4 Types of Motions

1.         Main Motion

Introduce subjects to the assembly for its consideration.  They cannot be made when another motion is before the assembly.  They yield to privileged, subsidiary and incidental motion.  For example – I move that we purchase …

2.            Subsidiary Motion

Change or affect how the main motion is handled (voted on before the main motion).  For example – I move the question before the assembly be amended by striking out …

3.            Privileged Motion

Are most urgent ….about special or important matters not related to pending business?  For example – “I move we adjourn”

4.            Incidental Motion

Are questions of procedure that arise out of other motions … just being considered before the other motion?  For example – “I move to suspend the rules for the purpose   of …”