Job Description: Parliamentarian

The Parliamentarian serves as the President’s adviser and consultant on procedural matters.  Frequently a presiding officer must make decision quickly and needs the advice of someone who is an authority on parliamentary procedures.  The Parliamentarian does not give his advice to the assembly but to the presiding officer.

The Parliamentarian is a source of information on parliamentary procedure, but has no authority to enforce his ideas or rulings.  Both the presiding officer and the organization may disregard the advice of the Parliamentarian.  Any inquiry on parliamentary procedure is addressed to the presiding officer and after consultation with the Parliamentarian, if they wish, the presiding officer answers the inquiry.

The Parliamentarian unobtrusively calls the attention of the presiding officer to any serious error in procedure, which he observes.  As far as possible, he should anticipate difficult situations and keep the presiding officer advised concerning questions in dispute or points of order.  In conventions and in large organizations the Parliamentarian is a paid technical adviser acting in a capacity similar to that of an attorney.

The Parliamentarian  – Ways & Means

  1. Keeper of block club by-laws.  Gives a copy to each member and new joining members
  2. Knows the by laws.  Uses Roberts Rules of Order if there is a need
  3. Ways & Means – finals legal ways to do projects