Job Description: Sergeant at Arms

Job Title: Sergeant at Arms

Purpose of Organization: same as for Board Member

Minimum Qualifications

- Ability to keep a pleasant demeanor in all situations

- Ability to keep control of difficult situations

- Ability to keep peace at the meetings


- Responsible for all sign in sheets and meeting setups, including refreshments

- Keeps law and order

- Responsible for keeping inventory records pertaining to the block club.

- Retrieving any materials previous block club leader may have upon leaving the club

The Sergeant at Arms, under the direction of the presiding officers, maintains order and decorum among the members and all persons present at a meeting and may even expel persons from the meeting.  He may act as doorkeeper and is responsible for admitting only eligible persons.  He acts as usher or directs the ushers and is generally responsible for the comfort and convenience of the assembly.  In some organizations it is his duty to arrange the meeting equipment, such as chairs and tables.  In small organizations he may perform these duties personally, but in large organizations he may have a staff of assistant sergeant at arms.  In some organizations the Sergeant at Arms is a paid, permanent official