Job Description: Treasurer

Job Title: Treasurer

Purpose of Organization: same as for board member

Minimum Qualifications

- Experience with financial operations, knowledge of bookkeeping

- Experience with money management

- All the qualifications of a Board Member


- Receive all monies of the block club and make deposits tot he bank

- Pay all bills as provided in the budget and as approved by the organization]

- Keep accurate records of all income and expenditures

- Make a report at each board meeting of income and expenditures

- Prepare a report (usually quarterly) showing actual income and expenditures to date and compared with the projected budget (Major Matching Funds)

- Prepare Annual Report

- Collect offerings or dues

- Any other duties at outlines in the bylaws of the organization

Time Required: Ten (10) monthly meetings from approximately 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Length of Commitment: 2 years

Responsible to: Board/Chair


- Development of accounting skills

- Acquisition of knowledge concerning financial matters and structure of economic policy

- Practice of accounting skills, use of technological and fiduciary systems, banking techniques

- All the benefits of a Board Member

- Recognition of key role performance