Job Description: Vice President

Job Description: Vice President/Vice Chair

Job Title: Vice President of Block Club

Purpose of Organization

Minimum Qualifications

- All the qualifications of a Board Member

- Previous experience in administrative volunteer position

- Ability to speak effectively

- Ability to remain neutral in demeanor and speech


- Assist President with preparing the  agenda

- Attend all meetings

- Arrive prepared to assist the President with starting the meeting at the announced time

- Be prepared to chair the meeting in the absence of the President

- Have basic understanding of parliamentary procedure as practiced by the group

- Be aware of basic qualities necessary for the block club to function smoothly and effectively (administrative skills and human relationship characteristics)

- Strive for appointments and nominations of members who possess skills that enhance the group process

- Know the qualities inherent in leadership and assess your abilities in areas where you might lack the expertise or skill needed, have someone work with you

Time Required: Ten (10) monthly meetings from approximately 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Length of Commitment: 2 years

Responsible to: Board/Chair


- All the benefits of a Board Member

- Expanded ability in administration of block club activity

- Practical experience in using leadership skills

- Recognition of key role as Vice President