Your First Executive Meeting


The President of the Block Club serves for a two-year term.  Calls and presides at block club meetings, appoints board and committee chairpersons, presides at all regular meeting and is the chief legal officer of the Block Club.


The Vice President of the Block Club serves for a two-year term.  Presides at meetings in the absence of the President.  Committee chairs reports to the Vice President.


The Secretary of the Block Club serves for a term of two years and is responsible for the minutes and communication of the Block Club.


The Treasurer of the Block Club serves for a two-year term.  Handles all financial dealings of the Block Club, making deposits into bank account, provide monthly financial reports.


The Sergeant-at-Arms serves for two years.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order, certify member’s eligible to attend meetings and voting rights.  The Administrator of the Block Club property and its physical upkeep.


Opens and closes all meetings, social gatherings and events with prayer.  Gives spiritual direction to the group.


Are by-laws knowledgeable, keeper of the Block Club by-laws and gives a copy to each member?  By-laws may be updated from time to time.  When you can’t find something in the by-laws, we suggest using Robert’s Rules of Order.  WAYS & MEANS – finding legal ways and means to do a project, etc.


The concerns of any appointed committee is to develop programs and make recommendations to the Block Club membership.  Technical resource bank and be the fat clearinghouse for the Block Club.


Are interchangeable with Crime Captains.  Their duties are to see that each member and residents know when Block Club meetings are held.  Give out correct information about garbage and trash pick-up.  Assists with beautification of the block.  Serves as Crime Watch Captain duties as described by the City of Buffalo Police Department / New York State Neighborhood Crime Watch.