Job Description: President/Chair

Job Description: President/Chair

Job Title: President of Block Club

Purpose of Organization

Minimum Qualifications

All the qualifications of a Board Member

Previous experience in administrative volunteer position

Ability to speak effectively

Ability to remain neutral in demeanor and speech, vote only in tie-breaking situations


Prepare agenda

Attend all meetings

Arrive prepared to start meetings at the announced time

Have basic understanding of parliamentary procedure as practiced by the group; know when there is a need to call in expert help

Be aware of basic qualities necessary for the block club to function smoothly and effectively (administrative skills and human relationship characteristics)

Strive for appointments and nominations of members who possess skills that enhance the group process

Know the qualities inherent in leadership and assess your abilities in areas where you might lack the expertise or skill needed, have someone work with you

Time Required: Ten (10) monthly meetings from approximately 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Length of Commitment: 2 years

Responsible to: Board and Chair

All the benefits of a Board Member

Expanded ability in administration of block club activity

Practical experience in using leadership skills

Recognition of key role