Leaving the Street

Any resident may leave the area for work, emergencies, or other important matters. However, they should leave the area with extra precaution and drive very slowly. The residents must let themselves out and put the instrument (barricade) that was blocking the street back in its’ original place. The residents may return, but their cars will have to be parked on a side street.

 If you need assistance in developing flyers, you may contact United Neighborhoods, 326 High Street, Buffalo, New York 14204, at 886-2616.

 If your Block Club is within the Masten District, you may contact the Masten Block Club Coalition, Inc. Crime Watch Program, 118 E. Utica Street, Buffalo, New York 14209, (716) 885-9738.

And remeber to have lots of fun, good conversation, get to know your neighbors and have a safe block party !