You must have a petition signed by 75% of the residents on the said street in order for it to be closed off. If your association has had a party the year before and there were no problems, it may be possible to get your petition waived. 

 There is a $12.00 fee per block to close the street. Checks, money orders or cash is accepted. You may pick up the permit or have the Traffic Engineer Of­fice mail it to you. It takes approximately 10 days to process. The following depart-ments must sign the permit: City Engineer, Buffalo Police Department and the Mayors Office. The Fire Department, the Police Depart­ment and Emergency Medical Services should be notified. You should make at least 3 copies of your permit and keep the original in a safe place. To apply for your permit contact:

 Traffic Engineer­

City Hall – Fifth floor Room 512

Buffalo, New York 14202-3305

Phone: 851-5366