What to Do At Your First Meeting

Agenda: (A list of things to be done)

  • Welcome
  • Prayer
  • Explain what a Junior Block Club Is
  • Explain the purpose of  the Junior Block Club
  • Explain who may join and participate

Those who may join and participate are those boys and girls who live on your block or area where the Junior Block Club will be organized (started). Ages will vary. Suggested ages are 6 to 13.

Give everyone at the meeting an application and envelope for the dues which they should bring to the next meeting. (The dues rate should be set by the Senior Block Club.)

Election of officers.  You may want to elect your officers at the first meeting or waiting until the second meeting  is perfectly acceptable. All Officers elected must be installed at that meeting.

Ask the President or a member of the Senior Block Club to do the installation for you. Other choices might be to ask a minister, Deacon, City, County or State official.

Installation Oath:  I  (youth states name and office) will carry out my duty to the (name of the Junior Block Club) to the best of my ability.

After being installed all officers are ready to work.