Junior Block Club Coalition


Things needed:

Junior Block Club Leader

Junior Block Club Assistant



To organize your Junior Block Club, consult with the Senior Block Club.


  • Get permission first to organize a Junior Block Club from the Senior Block Club in your area. The Senior Block Club may appoint a Junior Block Club leader.
  • A Junior Block Club leader should have an assistant to help with activities.
  • Use your yard or request to use a neighbor’s yard.
  • Set a date, time and place for the first meeting.
  • Put out fliers (slingers) 3 days before the meeting.
  • Make all the children attending feel welcome.
  • If you don’t get lots of responses, don’t get upset. Just try again.
  • Ask someone to keep minutes (writing down what is said and done at the meeting).
  • The Senior Block Club may buy some simple, inexpensive things that can be used in the yard such as games, coloring sheets, etc. Do a bottle drive to buy T-shirts, plants, flowers etc.
  • Suggested time for the meeting is 1 hour. Timing is everything, please do not consume  all the time on one thing.