Organizing A Block Club Or Tenant Council

1.  Find interested neighbors to meet in your home, backyard or local community center.

2.  Discuss problems and concerns of the neighborhood. Find the most pressing problems and make a list.

*          LITTER (in lots, alleys and backyards, or along the curb line.)

*          Proper RUBBISH and GARBAGE containers.

*          ABANDONED property and vehicles.

*          LAW ENFORCEMENT and FIRE protection.

*          RATS and roaming DOGS.

*          STREETS (plowing, paving, cleaning,, & potholes.)

*          SPEEDING.

*          ZONING VIOLATIONS (industrial noise, odors and pollution).

*          GENERAL APPEARANCE (parking, lighting, play space, traffic signs etc..)

*          Future BEAUTIFICATION projects.

3.  Set a DATE for a MEETING.  Invite EVERYONE on the block. Try to get everyone out for the meeting.

a)     Make door to door visits.

b)     Telephone neighbors.

c)     Deliver a flier to each house that explains what a Block Club

or Tenant Council is and inviting them to attend the meeting.