For Assistance and Help

For Block Club Organizing, Technical Assistance, & a Variety of Trainings including Neighborhood Watch: please contact these  groups listed below

CAO-Masten Resource Center:  (200 free copies per month)

1423 Fillmore Avenue

Buffalo, New York 14211

Phone: 716-332-3773

Fax: 716-332-1015

Linda Freidenberg – Block Club Organizer – Public Safety Specialist           extension 204 or (716) 602-5839 cell

Ada Hopson – Clemons – Block Club Organizer – Public Safety Specialist – CAO  volunteer (716) 316-2063 cell

To register your Block Club with the City of Buffalo or if you have a question concerning organizing or information for Block Clubs:

Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo & Erie County, Inc. (no fee)

Rooms 1319 & 2400 City Hall

Buffalo, New York 14202

Phone; (716) 851-6500 – (716) 602-5839 cell

Linda Freidenberg, President


 For Technical Assistance and Block Club organizing in the Masten District

(free copies and services for members only)

Masten Block Club Coalition, Inc. (membership fee of $20.00 per year)

118 East Utica Street

Buffalo, New York 14205

Phone: (716) 885-9738

Fax: (716) 885-9738

Louise Bonner, Program Director

Ada Hopson-Clemons, President

Services: Flyers and typing services for Masten District Block Clubs