Weed & Seed

The United States Department Of Justice introduced the Weed & Seed strategy in 1991. The strategy is a community-based multi-agency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention and neighborhood restoration. The goals of Weed & Seed are to control violent crime, drug trafficking and drug related  crime in high-crime neighborhoods and to provide a safe, crime and drug free environment for neighborhood residents. the Weed & Seed strategy brings together federal, state and local crime-fighting agencies, social service providers, representatives of the public and private sectors, prosecutors, business owners, and neighborhood residents under the shared goal of weeding out violent crime and gang activity while seeding in social services and economic revitalization to the community. Weed & Seed began with three pilot sites and quickly spread to over 250 high-crime neighborhoods across the nation.

The Weed & Seed strategy is a two-pronged approach to crime control and prevention:

  • law enforcement agencies and prosecutors cooperate in “weeding out” criminals from the targeted area
  • “seeding” brings prevention, intervention, treatment, and neighborhood revitalization services to the area
  • Residents of the Weed & Seed neighborhoods are actively involved in problem solving in their communities. Neighborhood watches, citizen marches and rallies, clean up events, drug free zones, and graffiti removal are some of the common programs that encourage community participation and help prevent crime.
  • Four fundamental principals underlie the strategy, which include collaboration, coordination, community participation and leveraging resources.

Program Coordinator Antwan K. Diggs,

65 Niagara Street

Room 218 City Hall

Buffalo New York, 14202

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