CAO Preparing Citizens for Emergencies



Our Goal

Our goal is to assist the Buffalo Police Department and the City of Buffalo Office of Homeland Security by providing Community Stakeholders with preparedness education/training  and the tools to build and maintain safe neighborhoods.

To arrange for Preparedness Training for your group, please contact:

Block Club/Public Safety Program (an Initiative of the Community Action Organization)

CAO-Masten Resource Center

1423 Fillmore Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14211

Phone (716) 332-3773

Fax (716) 332-1015

Homeland Security and Your Community

  •     Providing people with a sense of security in their homes, schools, workplaces, places of worship, recreation and in travel.

Preparedness Training Available:

  •  Emergency Networking
  • E-mail and phone tree development
  • Identifying emergency needs
  • C.A.T.  Eye training (Community Awareness Training)
  • Organizing, training and mobilizing the community in preparedness efforts to enhance the role of first responders via Citizen Corps Councils, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and other appropriate entities.

Trainings given by Ada Hopson/Clemons & Linda Freidenberg