How To Work With Other Stakeholders

1.     Working with the Community – Who Should Be Involved

a.)   Neighbors, Tenants, Homeowners, Area Businesses and Religious Leaders are all stakeholders in the community.

b.)   Find Tasks that fit a persons’ abilities and personality.

c.)   Involve neighborhood children (eg. Great American Clean  Up)  National Night Out block party or work for the elderly.

d.)   Make your organization visible.

2.    Working with the Police

a.)   Get to know your local police and their liaison person.

b.)    Invite them to a meeting, and explain the problems or issues.

c.)    Realize that they may be understaffed.

d.)    Request Crime Watch Training from law enforcement agencies.

e.)     Order Crime Watch Area Signs.

3.     Working with City Hall

a.)  Set up a meeting with your local representative.

b.)   Work through their Legislative Assistant. It is very important to
establish a working relationship with them. Remember, these
are your representatives.

c.)  Meet with municipal agencies: such as building and health