Bylaw Document Articles Example


Article I.   Name, Location and Mission statement

A.   This block club shall be known by the name of the Merry-Wood Block  Club.

B.   The membership for this block club shall include all residents and business owners located on    Mariemont Avenue, Woodside Avenue, McKinley Parkway or South Park Avenue or within  the boundaries of north – Sheffield Avenue, south – Harding Road, west – South Park Avenue, and east  – McKinley Avenue within the city of Buffalo, New York

C.   The Merry-Wood Block Club’s mission is to work closely with the business owners and residents  to address and resolve important issues of the neighborhood including but not limited to crime, safety, and beautification.

Article II   Membership

A.   All individuals, 18 years of age or older, who resides within or act as an agent of any business    located within the boundaries mentioned in article I, paragraph B, are eligible to join the block club.

B.   It shall be the responsibility of all members to actively participate in block club activities and  meetings, to serve on committees, and to remain current with dues. Additionally, it is expected  of members to participate in fund raising activities to keep the cost of the annual dues at its low rate.

C.   Membership dues will be $5.00 per year per family, or $2.50 per year per family headed by a person 65 years of age or older. Business operators who wish to join will pay $10.00 per  year and will receive one free advertisement yearly in the block club newsletter.

D.    In the event that the block club shall disband, any monies in the treasury will be donated to  a local charity or to be divided evenly among all members in good standing at the time of disbanding, to be decided upon by majority vote at that particular dissolution meeting.

E.  The financial year for dues will begin in August and will run from August to August thereafter.

Article III       Meetings

A.    Meetings shall be held monthly on the last Wednesday of the month and will be held locally at the Salem Lutheran Church, located at 10 McClellan Circle or at a location announced in the newsletter or flier immediately preceding the meeting for that month.

B.  Attendance will be taken at each meeting for the purpose of determining voting eligibility.

C.  The agenda for the monthly meetings will be as follows:

Open with prayer

1.    Reading, correction, and approval of the previous month’s minutes.

2.    Presentation and approval of the Treasurer’s report with any corrections   noted.

3.    The presentation of any special program or guest speaker.

4.     Reports and discussions from any ad hoc or regular committees.

5.     Old business, including any emergency elections

6.     New Business.

7.     Announcements

8.     Adjournment                              

D.    Voting at meetings

1.    Members in good standing have the right to vote on motions presented during  the monthly meetings and in annual bylaw review meetings or emergency elections. To be in good standing is determined by having been present during  at least one of the two previous regular meetings and being current with dues.

2.   A majority vote will be required to pass any motion brought up in the regular  order of business at a regular monthly meeting.

3.  In   the event of a tie, the president will be required to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Article IV Officers

A.   The following officers are required for the Merry-Wood Block Club.

1.    President – The responsibilities of the president are to preside over the general  meetings and the annual bylaw review meeting, to assure the meetings are  run in a smooth and timely manner, and to introduce any guest speakers. The president must also appoint all committee members for special projects and to  oversee all fund raising activities and general business at hand.

2.     Vice President – It is the responsibility of the vice president to temporarily take over the position of president in the event that he / she cannot perform his / her duties because of illness or any personal reason. The vice president must  also notify other members of the executive board by telephone.  It is also the  responsibility of the vice president to assist the president with projects and any business at hand.

3.     Secretary – It is the responsibility of the secretary to record the minutes of the  monthly meetings and to produce the monthly newsletter or flier. He / she should keep copies of previous month’s minutes for future reference.

4.    Treasurer – It is the responsibility of the treasurer to open a checking account in the block clubs name, to keep records of all funds gained by dues, fund raising and special events, and to keep possession of the check book. The account  shall be set up so that 2 officers (president and treasurer) must endorse any check written. The executive board at the regular block club monthly meeting must approve any check for over $50.00.

These first four officers shall constitute the Executive Board (Committee).

B.   The qualifications for holding office are:

1. to be at least 18 years of age

2. must have been a resident of either street for a period  of not less than two years.

3.  must be a member in good standing.

4.  a simple majority vote ( 51 percent ) of members at the election meeting will  be required to win any executive position.

C.   All officers will hold their office for the term of two years, unless re-elected, resigned or removed from office. There are no limits on the amount of terms any executive board member may serve as long as they are duly elected.

D.   A two meeting notification is necessary for any executive member resigning.

E.   All office vacancies, except for president, will be filled at the next monthly meeting by   an emergency election. A vacant president office is filled by the vice president for three months or until the next annual election, which will be held every other January
(the odd  years)

Article V Committees

A. Standing Committees will be as follows:

1. Executive Board (Committee) – will meet no less than two times per year and   will keep frequent telephone contact with other board members.

2. The steering committee -consists of all four executive board members and three regular board members (street captains) from both streets. This committee will be responsible for ideas for fund raising events and other special  events.

3.        Ad Hoc Committee – (created on an as needed basis) are responsible for implementing the plan of action and running  the fund raising events and other   special events such as the Children’s Christmas party etc.)

Article VI Amendments

A. Once enacted, a 2/3 majority vote of eligible block club members in good standing will be required to amend any part of these bylaws during the annual bylaw review meeting. The annual bylaw review meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of April, beginning at the regular meeting time. The regular block club meeting will be immediately following closure of the annual bylaw review meeting with no guest speakers or any special event that will extend  the meeting past the usual hour and one half meeting time.  Once enacted, these bylaws become the official regulations of the Merry-Wood Block Club. A 2/3 majority vote of all block club members present at the ratification meeting will be required to ratify these bylaws.

Ratifying Meeting Tallies and Declaration

Let it be known that on this date_____________, a meeting was held to vote on the ratifications of these bylaws. There were _____ people in attendance. Vote tallies were as follows ______ Ayes   and _____ Nays. These  bylaws, carrying the required amount for ratification are hereby adopted by the Merry-Wood Block Club