Bylaw Categories

ARTICLE I – Statement of purpose: Our mission is _________________________

ARTICLE II – Membership

a)  Who is eligible to join?

b)  Responsibilities of being a member

c)  Dues (if any)

ARTICLE III – Meetings

a)  Attendance and updated contact list (phone number changes)

b)  Time, frequency & location (weekly, semimonthly, monthly)

c)  Quorum (the number of members required to be present to conduct business legally)

d)  Agenda (what topics will be discussed and in what order)

e)  Meeting process (who can vote)

f)  Notice of meetings (mailed, or fliers)

ARTICLE IV – Officers

a)  Specify officers and responsibilities

b)  Qualifications to hold office (current on dues payments, etc.)

c)  Term of office and selection process

d)  Removal

e)  Resignation

f)  Filling vacancies

ARTICLE V – Committees

1. Standing

a) Executive

b) Other

c) setting up ad hoc committees

ARTICLE VI – Amendments

a)  Protections and clauses

b)  Written laws for better understanding